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Solving Common Cleaning Issues

Tennant's T300 scrubber reduces cost to clean
Reduce Cost to Clean

Clean virtually all day on a single charge, with the largest available battery capacity in its class and reduce costs with maintenance-free scrub and propel motors.

Tennant T5 sweeper maintaining safe floors in warehouse
Maintain Health & Safety

Innovative features helps protect the health and safety of your operator, customers, and the environment.

Tennant T16 cleaning retail floors
Enhance Facility Image

Effective sweeping and scrubbing capabilities help to maintain a consistently clean appearance of your floors.

Tennant service technician
Easy Operation & Maintenance

Tennant's products include intuitive controls and maintenance features that help maximize uptime, reduce training time and ease maintenance.

Tennant Company

A leading manufacturer of quality floor cleaning machines and technologies, Tennant sweepers and scrubbers provide sustainable solutions that help our customers clean more spaces more effectively. In addition to being equipment innovators, our team members become your trusted advisor for floor care solutions and reliable service.

Clean Intelligently

IRIS® Asset Manager technology collects and transmits machine usage activity, empowering you with actionable insights to optimize fleet performance, improve cleaning efficiency and reduce cost-to-clean. New enhancements deliver maintenance spend data and details battery charging metrics to help reduce equipment costs, increase uptime and extend battery life.

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