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Carpet Cleaning Rentals: Carpet Extractors & Vacuums

Que vous ayez besoin de machines pour une courte période ou que vous souhaitiez compléter votre parc actuel, pensez à louer des extracteurs et des aspirateurs Tennant pour vos besoins d'entretien de tapis. Certaines des raisons les plus populaires de louer du matériel de nettoyage sont :

  • Commercial construction cleanup
  • Backup for existing equipment
  • Cleaning for open houses
  • Post-event cleanup
  • New project start-ups
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Budget constraints
  • Time sensitive need/sense of urgency

Tennant vacuum rental for commercial use

Why Choose to Rent Tennant-Branded Vacuums?

  • Choose from a complete line of upright, backpack and canister vacuum cleaners to clean almost anywhere, from tight spaces to wide open areas.
  • Extend the life of your carpet with Tennant vacuums CRI certified to effectively remove soil.
  • Improve indoor air quality with standard HEPA filtration that traps fine dust particles.
  • Rely on durable major components proven in commercial applications.

Tennant EH5 Canister Extractor

Why Choose to Rent Tennant-branded Carpet Extractors?

  • Find the ideal extractor for any environment from Tennant's line of portable, walk-behind, rider and dual-technology carpet extractors.
  • Deep clean carpets and remove tough soil with heavy-duty carpet extractors.
  • Clean confined areas like classrooms, office buildings, hospitals and restaurants as well as open spaces with mid-size extractors.
  • Easily clean under and around desks, beds, and other obstacles with low-profile machines.
  • Clean and dry carpets in minutes using Tennant's exclusive ReadySpace® Rapid-Drying Carpet Cleaning Technology.
  • Reduce risk of mold, bacteria and odors with Tennant's Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks.

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Tennant Company Cleaning Machine Lineup

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