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Operations Manager

Refining Value

We understand that you have an entire facility to operate and keeping your facility clean is only one consideration on your long list. Tennant provides cleaning equipment that delivers the level of cleanliness that you need, while helping you maintain a safe environment for your employees.

There is tremendous value in purchasing reliable, durable equipment that allows for easy operations and training, reduces your overall cost to clean, helps maintain health and safety, and keeps your facility looking its best. When you are ready to purchase solutions for your cleaning program, rely on a Tennant purchasing program to help. 

Trust Tennant to deliver impressive performance, proven reliability and exceptional cleaning results.


Are you ready to chat with a Tennant representitive? Every facility poses unique challenges, but a conversation is the first step to finding the right solution.
Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Save on fleet management with the proven durability of Tennant cleaning equipment.
  • Consult with Tennant experts to create affordable cleaning protocols that balance daily maintenance with occasional deep cleanings for a smooth-running facility.
  • Structure an affordable financing plan with Tennant. Choose buy or lease; new or Certified, Pre-owned; and service plan bundles. 

Tennant service fixing an industrial sweeper
Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Reduce training expenses with easy-to-operate cleaning machines. Plus, look for QA Controls® and Set and Forget™ features that lock-in preferred cleaning settings.
  • Get better-fitting, more efficient parts and components — made to get the most out of your Tennant machines — when you rely on TennantTrue® quality.

Tennant scrubber cleaning airport floors
Maximize Uptime

  • Experience more uptime with simple-to-maintain machines built to run longer, so operators have more time to clean.
  • Spend less on consumables and contribute to your facility’s sustainability when you choose from Tennant’s innovative technologies. 


Choisissez un partenaire commercial impliqué et bienveillant

Notre engagement pour créer un monde plus propre, plus sûr et plus sain a fait de nous un chef de file mondial en matière de conception, de fabrication, d'entretien et de vente de solutions qui vous aident à préserver la propreté de vos entrepôts, usines et centres de distribution.

Quand vous achetez un équipement de nettoyage auprès de Tennant, notre équipe vous aide à chaque étape du parcours, vous permettant de rechercher facilement les solutions, de comparer les équipements de nettoyage et de choisir les options des produits. Travaillez avec un conseiller des ventes pour personnaliser la solution appropriée pour votre application, puis comptez sur les pièces et les services Tennant‭True‭® pour tirer le meilleur parti de votre équipement de nettoyage.



Préservez le fonctionnement optimal de votre machine. Achetez des milliers de pièces et consommables du FEO. 

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