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Cost of Grime in Retail Stores

October 16, 2017 8:20 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Challenges

Are Grimy Floors Costing Your Business?

If you were to ask a customer what makes for a fun, relaxing shopping experience, she might mention a wide selection, friendly staff, or low prices for her favorite merchandise. However, one of the most important and least well-recognized aspects of how favorably a customer views a store is rooted in how clean it looks and smells.

A recent study from the marketing firm Interactions showed:

  • 25% of customers would leave a dirty store without making a purchase
  • 18% would not visit that store again unless they had no choice
  • 52% of customers would shop in that store, but the lack of cleanliness would affect their shopping decisions

Download our Definitive Guide to Retail Shine to learn how grime may be costing you business and:

  • How keeping your store clean can prevent accidents and health code violations
  • How maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule can help employees keep your store clean
  • How a dirty store impacts a customer’s purchasing behavior 

Download the full Guide to Shine eBook

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