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Floor Cleaning Solutions for the Mining Industry

Cleaning Equipment, Tips and Solutions for Excavation Facilities

Controlling dust and debris and protecting workers and the worksite are major challenges you face in heavy industries like mining. At the same time, we understand the pressure to maximise uptime, reduce costs and conform to regulations to reduce the possibility of fines. 

Tennant has heavy-duty sweepers and cleaning systems designed to meet all of these challenges. Tennant machines are designed to maintain air quality by reducing airborne dust and debris with features like exclusive SweepMax® Plus cyclonic filtration. Features like large hoppers and automated dumping plus easy-to-use controls improve productivity by allowing operators to clean efficiently and safely. Protect employees and facilities from potentially harmful dust with the unique, twin-vacuum all-weather dry dust control system with PM-10 certification. Ensure your premises are always looking great with a robust and proven design that enables you to sweep in any season.

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