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Cleaning Industry Trends: IoT & New Cleaning Technology

November 05, 2018 9:20 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Solutions Innovation & Technology Industry News & Trends

How is IoT Being Integrated into the Cleaning Industry?

The internet and its related technology have opened up a world of possibilities for businesses to operate more efficiently while saving both time and money. From this the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged, allowing for interconnected devices that span nearly all industries. An individual can use this technology to control the thermostat in his home, or the owner of a floor cleaning business can use it to manage an entire fleet of equipment. It is that vast and variable.

These capabilities come packaged in IoT software, typically as a component of a product or an optional accessory. In the floor care industry, this can increase productivity by leaps and bounds. A cleaning supervisor can access a connected device such as a smartphone and receive real time updates on equipment status, location, and use. It can send an alert when the battery needs to be charged and even when the equipment is taken outside of a pre-set area. This means that the supervisor can manage several teams with several maintenance schedules without having to travel to each one.

IoT technology has so much to offer fleet managers of floor cleaners, scrubbers, and related equipment. Cleaning companies can save both time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. Dead batteries in cleaning equipment become a thing of the past. Usage waste comes to an end thanks to remote monitoring.

Is IoT technology Right for Your Cleaning Business? 

Read Using IoT to Manage Floor Equipment Fleet from CleanLink to learn more. It could be just the shot in the arm your company needs to gain a competitive edge.

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