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Service Plan Enquiry

Please fill out the form below and a Tennant representative will contact you.

Compare Service Plans

Use the chart below to compare the benefits of each TennantTrue® service plan to see which one is right for you.

Plan Inclusions No Program Pay as You Go Capped* Comprehensive 
  Fixed Price    
  Priority Breakdown Scheduling  
  Warranty Compliant  
  Reduced Labour Rate  
  Scheduled Preventative Maintenance  
  Service Parts Included     ●***
  Predictable Monthly Billing      
  Access to Loan Machine****      
  Hourly Labour Rate Billing*****   Retail Price Reduced Labour Rate Reduced Labour Rate Reduced Labour Rate

*Comprehensive plan is monthly billing

**Call out fee applies (Comprehensive included)

***See Capped Service Parts inclusion list (separate document)

****Subject to availability

*****Rates apply when repairs required outside of service program

Brands marked with ® are registered in the United States and/or other countries. Brands marked with the TM are not registered and protected under applicable law.