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TennantTrue® Detergent Selection Guide

Whether you need a light-duty cleaner or an extremely aggressive degreaser, TennantTrue detergents and cleaning solutions deliver an effective and environmentally preferable clean.

Clear Advantages of TennantTrue® Cleaning Solutions

Clear Daily Cleaner

Light to medium cleaning on all floor types (including terrazzo and tile) with neutral pH

Applications: hospitals, schools, retail and light distribution facilities

Purple General Purpose Cleaner

Medium duty cleaning in light manufacturing and heavy commercial environments

Applications: Use on most floor types (excluding terrazzo and tile)

Yellow Solvent Degreaser

Aggressive cleaning applications with neutral pH solvent

Applications: medium to heavy soils in manufacturing & industrial environments; appropriate on concrete flooring with metal shavings and for mark removal

Orange Super Strength Solvent Degreaser

Extremely aggressive to severe cleaning

Applications: manufacturing & industrial environments, appropriate for tire mark removal

Red High Alkaline Degreaser

Heavy-duty cleaning, including cleaning of petroleum and grease

Applications: heavy soils in manufacturing environments

Maximizes Detergent Performance

Extend scrubbing time while decreasing water consumption and detergent use with Tennant's ES (Extended Scrubbing) Technology.

Get the greatest return on your investment and reduce your overall cost to clean when you pair TennantTrue® detergents and cleaning solutions with TennantTrue® Service. We have factory-trained, local Tennant service representatives ready to diagnose and fix your problems quickly.

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