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Caravan Facilities Management Finds a True Equipment and Service Partner in Tennant

Caravan Facilities Management, LLC is a leading provider of commercial cleaning, building maintenance and integrated facility services, serving the automotive industry, entertainment venues, manufacturing industry, office buildings, university campuses and healthcare facilities.


Caravan was looking for a true partnership: an equipment supplier that could provide reliable and versatile products to help them maintain a high level of excellence when cleaning a variety of applications in an automotive facility, as well as offer prompt response to help minimise downtime and ensure best-in-class results for their clients.


Caravan turned to Tennant for durable, high-quality machines that last and provide the versatility to clean a variety of spaces. One of the Tennant machines used by Caravan, an M17 Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubber with Pro-Panel™ technology, allows them to clean large areas while providing excellent sight lines to see what’s behind the machine after cleaning. The dual system allows Caravan crews to collect dust and debris while also cleaning areas with a scrubbing system.

To be able to meet requests from their customers – often with little or no notice – having dependable equipment is very important to Caravan’s success. A Tennant service contract enables fast repairs, ensuring their machines are always up and running to keep all areas of the sprawling plants clean, safe and operating efficiently. Caravan officials also know their highly trained and responsive Tennant service technician is just a phone call away, enabling them to quickly meet any cleaning requests.

‘Our Tennant service technician goes above and beyond for us weekly. When we need squeegees or filters between scheduled maintenance, we call him directly. He always comes within a day or two with the parts we need and the tools to install them, so we never experience any downtime’, said Shawn Hughes, Operations Director for Caravan Facilities Management.

‘Partnership is the word that best describes our relationship with Tennant. Plant management relies on us to keep the floors clean, and we rely on Tennant to keep our machines running’.

Shawn Hughes
Operations Director
Caravan Facilities Management


Tennant’s high-performing solutions and responsive partnership are driving improved productivity and customer satisfaction for Caravan. ‘Our Tennant machines have been a blessing. In the past, our customers have noticed when we were experiencing equipment downtime as the plant wasn’t as clean as it should have been’, said Shawn Hughes. ‘Now, with Tennant, we experience less downtime, resulting in cleaner buildings and positive satisfaction from our customers. We feel this is due to Tennant quality and service being far superior to anything else we’ve tried’.

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