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A Facilities Management Company Uses IRIS Asset Manager to Get Detailed Data

A national facility services company pilots the IRIS® Asset Manager solution to increase cleaning performance.


Managing the cleaning of over one million square feet of space is clearly a broad and complex task. A large national cleaning services company was challenged with the logistics of overseeing hundreds of sites and thousands of Tennant cleaning machines across the country. From this, it was evident they needed a better solution.

Similar to over 80 percent of cleaning service companies, this Tennant customer was still relying on self-reporting and supervision to gather cleaning performance data across its massive fleet. They wanted a better way to get an accurate, objective ‘big picture’ view of their cleaning performance and ensure consistency across hundreds of sites. They needed to know that each and every site was meeting all cleaning contract requirements and providing cleaning services that met their high standards. They desired a tool that would enable them to drive operational efficiency and maximise already-tight margins. They also wanted to find opportunities to boost productivity – to make sure their operators were properly trained using the Tennant cleaning technology and to provide additional training where necessary to increase productivity.


After presenting their challenges, their dedicated Tennant Strategic Account Manager suggested IRIS Asset Manager as a potential solution. To test the solution and ease the transition, the customer elected to pilot the IRIS Asset Manager solution on five customer machines.

The IRIS technology was implemented at multiple sites across the country. With IRIS deployed, these machines provided detailed data in the form of Key Performance Indicators. Daily machine usage data provided a look at the number of hours each specific machine ran as well as the number of hours spent with the cleaning brushes engaged. Average daily machine usage showed trends across sites and fleet-wide in order to help identify outliers for further investigation. The customer had already invested in ec-H2O™ technology, and the IRIS technology also enabled the measurement of ec-H2O usage for each compatible machine – enabling the customer to drive ec-H2O usage and maximise the health, safety and sustainability benefits of this innovative cleaning technology.


IRIS Asset Manager delivered tangible results almost immediately. On a machine-specific level, the Operations Manager was quickly able to identify a site where a machine was not being used consistently to meet their cleaning standards. A few minutes of operator training resolved the issue. At another site, low usage data from IRIS helped pinpoint a machine that needed servicing, which reduced the unexpected downtime – actions taken at both sites helped drive more consistent cleaning.

After the pilot, the customer decided to add the IRIS® technology to its fleets of Tennant equipment at a national level. The easy scalability of the IRIS solution enables deployment across the hundreds of sites, providing centralised oversight to drive performance throughout the country. This Tennant customer is seeing the exponential benefits of leveraging the centralised IRIS intelligent command centre to drive consistent cleaning performance, increase operational efficiency and productivity and lower cost-to-clean across the entirety of their national operations.

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