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Kalloza Cleaning Sets High Standards With Tennant Machines

Kalloza Cleaning is a Sydney-based cleaning services company that works across multiple sectors, including aged care. Their values include high cleanliness standards, environmentally sustainable methods, quality products and total client satisfaction.


Kalloza Cleaning services the Rooty Hill Residential Gardens Aged Care facility, located in Sydney’s outer west. This facility prides themselves on providing high-quality care in a safe environment for all their residents. So it’s not surprising that they chose Kalloza as a trusted service provider.

Kalloza Cleaning sets high standards for their nursing home cleaning services, ensuring everything is comfortable and safe, as well as dust and germ-free. 

Nursing home cleaning can come with its challenges though. Mould, dust and grime can build up quickly, triggering respiratory illnesses and spreading disease between residents. With large, shared spaces and elderly occupants, regular, safe, thorough cleans are critical. 

These are issues that Kalloza Cleaning take very seriously – they work hard to minimise risk for their clients and the residents. So when their previous cleaning machine wasn’t performing, they knew they needed a better solution.

Kalloza Cleaning R3


In mid-2018, Cesar Juarez, Kalloza Cleaning’s Director, visited the Tennant office at Eastern Creek to explain the situation and ask for recommendations.

Tennant suggested several scrubber machines suitable for servicing the Residential Gardens Facility. In the end, Cesar chose the T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber with ec-H2O NanoClean® for its high-performance result and versatility. This unit came with Tennant’s ec-H2O NanoClean Technology, ensuring the team could clean large areas more efficiently, while saving water and minimising detergent usage.

They were very happy with the T300 unit. So happy, in fact, that they approached Tennant again to help with another cleaning challenge at Residential Gardens.  

The Kalloza Cleaning team needed to clean and maintain high-traffic carpeted areas in a short window of time. They’d previously been using a competitor’s machine but wanted a more robust solution suitable for maintaining larger areas, as well as individual residents’ rooms. 

In mid-2019, they settled on two of Tennant’s popular carpet extraction machines (including ReadySpace® Rapid-Drying Technology):


Initial feedback from Cesar and the team at Kalloza Cleaning is that they’re very happy with the performance of all the products recommended by Tennant. 

‘We were delighted to work with Cesar and his team at Kalloza Cleaning because they’re the kind of customer that can appreciate a quality machine and the difference it makes’, said Tennant Account Manager, Javier Conejo.

‘We recommended several units and technologies suitable for the environment they’re working in at Residential Gardens and it sounds like they got exactly what they were looking for’. 

We look forward to continuing the relationship with Kalloza Cleaning, providing ongoing support for their current units, as well as any product recommendations they may need in the future.

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