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Western Australia Meat Industry Authority Saves Time and Money With Tennant S30 Sweeper

The Western Australia Meat Industry Authority is a government body that controls the sale of livestock, the slaughter of animals and the overall operations of abattoirs. This Government body is a Livestock centre that houses high volumes of cattle, sheep and veal.


The current cleaning process at WAMIA uses handheld blower vacs to get rid of the dust and debris outside where the livestock are housed on large concrete areas. When moving the livestock around they inevitably ‘walk the debris’ such as soil, manure and woodchips across concrete housing areas creating a mess and large amounts of dust. Michelle Caton, Business Support Officer, describes the current clean up ‘as very labour intensive and time consuming. Some days there are multiple times the areas are being cleaned due to the number of sale auctions occurring. It has to be presentable for people to come through for the auction’.


Upon site inspection by WA Territory Sales Representative, Adrian Taylor, he determined that an S30 Mid-Sized Sweeper was needed for this site. 

Due to the size of the areas that needed constant cleaning, as well as the type of debris and dust created, the S30’s 3-stage SweepSmart™ system along with the II Speed™ sweeping technology was perfect and able to pick up debris as small as 0.3 micron. The S30 is fitted with the SweepMax® Plus cyclonic air filtration system which means both employee and animal health is maintained with improved air quality through dust control. In this space, having a machine that only reaches 80 dBA (one of the lowest ratings in this class for an engine-powered sweeper) is important so as not to spook the animals. And dual poly brushes mean this machine is able to tidy up the concrete yards effectively in one pass.

‘Once I was there, I could see what they needed straight away’, said Adrian. ‘I’m passionate about saving my customer’s time and hearing how they used to clean in the year was a very time consuming task for their staff.

Western Australia Meat Authority S30

‘Thanks to Tennant, we were provided with machine options that would be able to complete the clean-up of the concrete areas in the yards in less time and more efficiently’

Michelle Caton
Business Support Officer

‘Investing in a Tennant machine means they are saving time and being more efficient in the long run, many years down the road. Plus, they won’t be let down with the Tennant S30!’ At Tennant, our goal is to ensure your cleaning equipment is running at optimal performance with minimal downtime.

WAIMA elected to include a TennantTrue® factory-direct service program for their S30 that allows them 4 visits per year. Given the application and the amount of cleaning this sweeper will do, regular

maintenance by a Tennant trained technician is a smart move to ensure machine up-time, extend working life and protect the investment. When 4 operators at WAIMA received a training certification by Tennant they were instructed on best practices, necessary safety checks and hands-on operator maintenance, such as filter cleaning and ‘yellow touch points’ that feature on all Tennant machines which allows for predictability and control of machine maintenance costs, additionally Tennant offers life-time operator training on all its machines so that your cleaning operations are covered when there is staff turnover.


‘Thanks to Tennant, we were provided with machine options that would be able to complete the clean-up of the concrete areas in the yards in less time and more efficiently’, said Michelle. ‘Tennant staff are very knowledgeable of their machines and products and provided us with a positive customer experience’.

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