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National Supermarket Chain Chooses Tennant

A national supermarket chain with 450 locations utilised 10+ different cleaning services to clean store floors on an average of four days a week. Since the outsourced services weren’t providing the level of clean the organisation expected, the chain needed to improve the appearance of the stores while reducing spend on contracted floor cleaners.


The supermarket chain needed to find a cost-effective way to conduct scrubbing and burnishing floor cleaning services at hundreds of stores across the country. To that end, the supermarket chain chose to bring cleaning services in-house and assign the staff at the stores to do the cleaning. They needed a partner to ensure the right equipment was in place, employees were trained to use it and machines could be serviced in a timely manner.


Partnering with Tennant, the business assessed multiple stores and determined equipment needs and maintenance practices, then outlined cleaning process changes. After the initial survey, they launched a pilot program to validate the needs identified in the survey. With consistent needs evident across the chain, the customer then worked with Tennant to build a floor program that could be rolled out to all locations simultaneously and quickly – within a nine-week time period.

The program included a lease-to-purchase program, a maintenance program to keep equipment in peak operating condition and the elimination of daily-use cleaning detergents with Tennant’s on-board ec-H2O NanoClean® technology. This helped reduce cost while making equipment easier for their employees to operate. Additionally, the customer was able to use Scotchbright™ Clean and Shine Pads from 3M® on their scrubbers to burnish the floor, saving significant costs by not having to purchase single-purpose burnisher machines. Lastly, Tennant coordinated a deployment schedule for Tennant’s local sales teams to work with each store manager, ensuring that store employees were properly trained to operate the machines when the equipment arrived. 

Supermarket with shiny floors

Tennant’s experience with multi-store nation-wide rollouts helped make the transition from contracted labour to in-house floor cleaning fast and seamless. 


The customised program resulted in close to 50% cost savings and a simplified cleaning process. Given Tennant’s experience with multi-store nation-wide rollouts, the transition from contracted labour to in-house floor cleaning was fast and seamless.

To ensure the program’s continued success, the business is using Tennant’s telemetry solution, IRIS® Asset Manager, to monitor store-level usage data. By comparing the floor care program at each store location, the chain will be able to keep costs in check and ensure employees are utilising the equipment properly to maintain clean, inviting supermarket stores across their chain. 

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