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Reconditioned Machine Process

October 05, 2017 8:01 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Solutions

An in-depth review of Tennant's progam, proceedures and standards for used floor cleaning machines.

Dependable. Affordable. Trusted.

Tennant company is known for manufacturing the highest quality floor care equipment available. And the Tennant Recon line of pre-owned machines is no different. Reconditioned cleaning equipment can help you purchase the best cleaning equipment at a price that works with your budget.

To start, pre-owned machines are thoroughly cleaned inside and out and run through a series of computer-aided diagnostic testing. This helps identify both cosmetic damage to the protective exterior and functional damage to the machine's internal parts. These steps help place the equipment into one of three distinct tiers, Certified Pre owned, Used and As Is.

Next, our team inspects complex components such as vac fans, brush motors, trans axles, and more. When these critical components need repair, they're guaranteed to be replaced with TennantTrue® parts, engineered to work precisely with Tennant equipment.

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Check out this tour of our state-of-the-art reconditioning facilities and get a firsthand view of what goes into each Tennant Recon machine

Proper installation of these systems is crucial to ensuring your machine runs efficiently and effectively for years to come, which is why all Tennant technicians are factory-trained and frequently tested to maintain our high pre-owned equipment standards.

With the new TennantTrue parts installed, the equipment is ready to be put through functional testing to look at propulsion, brush down pressure, solution flow, water pickup, and other technical aspects.

Finally, the equipment is given a final inspection and cleaning before being added to the Tennant Recon website along with a detailed description of the equipment's condition, price and warranty.


Tennant Recon machine being inspected and tested

All  Tennant reconditioned equipment goes through a diagnostic testing to assess and identify issues.

Reconditioned Tennant floor scrubber being washed.

Reconditioned machines are thoroughly cleaned inside and out upon arrival to our facilities. 

Reconditioned equipment is then put into one of three tiers:


certified pre-owned equipment badge icon

Certified Pre-Owned Equipment:

  • Best condition: Like new, fully refurbished machines
  • Priced 20 to 40 percent less than original
  • All equipment is recent with low hours of use
  • Parts warranty: 9 months for Rider and 6 months for Walk-Behind
  • Labor warranty: 90 days for Rider and 60 days for Walk-Behind


tennant used equipment badge icon

Tennant Used Equipment

  • Great Deals: Priced 40 to 60 percent less than original
  • Fully serviced with minor cosmetic repair
  • Slightly older models with higher usage
  • Parts warranty: 30 days for Rider and 30 days for Walk-Behind


tennant as-is equipment badge icon

Tennant As-Is Equipment

  • Fully functional
  • Safety components inspected/ repaired as needed
  • Older models or higher hours
  • Likely to have cosmetic issues such as dents, scratches or corrosion
  • Sold as-is (no warranty)


Tennant reconditioned equipment in Recon facility

Once the machine is categorized and photographed, it is listed on the Tennant Recon website and is ready for purchase.

Reconditioned equipment is an excellent way to purchase a high quality piece of equipment without the price tag of a new machine, and allows you to reach your cleaning program’s goals without sacrificing performance. 

Save money while investing in keeping your facilities clean with a Tennant Recon floor cleaning machine today!


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