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Retail Retention & Store Cleanliness: Retail Cleaning Part 3

October 26, 2017 8:15 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Solutions

3 Reasons to Keep Your Retail Store Clean for the Holidays 

The holidays can be a trial period for customers. If they like what they see when they’re hunting for that perfect gift, they’ll be more likely to return in the future. And the first thing customers see is how clean — or cluttered — your store is.

Don’t believe cleanliness counts? Here are three reasons it pays to keep your store shining and bright for the holidays.

Customer Satisfaction Will Increase

According to an ISSA study, companies with dirty facilities experience a 39 percent drop in customer satisfaction ratings. To increase customer retention, keep your stores clean.

You’ll get a Second Chance if You Slip-Up

86 percent of shoppers say that dirty floors send them running for the exit, making a clean floor essential. But if your floor ever loses its luster, take heart: 94 percent of customers who went to a competitor for store cleanliness reasons said they would give the store a second chance if they cleaned up their act. 

Customers will Shop Longer

Customers want to feel comfortable when they shop, and cleanliness is a key part of that comfort. In a 2015 ISSA survey, 95 percent of shoppers reported that factors including dirty floors, spills or unpleasant odors would make them second-guess their shopping decisions.


Store cleanliness has a huge impact on your retail customer retention. Visit our Retail Solutions page to learn about products and services that can bring year-round shine to your store.

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