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How Cleaning Robots Can Help Your Business

July 31, 2019 9:00 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Robotic Cleaning Machines Innovation & Technology Industry News & Trends

According to a Markets and Markets study, the market for cleaning robots is booming, and will be a $2.5 billon industry by next year. Of these cleaning robots, the largest and fastest growing category is floor cleaning robots.1

These professional service robots can not only help facility managers improve processes and streamline operations, but can also provide an advantage in an industry facing high turnover and stiff competition by increasing cleaning speed and consistency, reducing employee turnover, using performance tracking to optimize resources, and more.

Practically speaking, having a cleaning robot is like adding a consistent, reliable worker to your team. Robotic cleaning machines can take on repetitive, redundant tasks and allow workers to put that effort to tasks that only humans can perform and have a more direct impact to the bottom line.

Additionally, robotic floor scrubbers can help make work environments safer by reducing accidents and mistakes due to human error. Robotic machines are designed and programmed to be reliable and consistent and include safety features like sensors, lasers and cameras to protect against accidents.

To read more about the ways robotic floor cleaning machines can:

  • Improve operations through data and performance tracking
  • Help retain and attract workers
  • Enhance your company brand
  • and more

Download our white paper The Robotics Revolution and Your Cleaning Business.

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