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Sustainability Strategies

January 04, 2018 8:21 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Sustainability

Developing Sound Environmental Practices

Does your company have a sustainability strategy? Do you ask your suppliers about their sustainable enterprise policies?

More and more, companies are forging plans that blend sound environmental practices with smart business choices. As a result, many corporate sustainability plans also save money and resources by harnessing innovations that save energy, operate efficiently, and reduce waste.

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As companies examine their own operations and choose more sustainable options, many are also asking their vendors and business partners to do the same. At Tennant Company, we’re experiencing the trend toward sustainable business practices in both of these contexts. Tennant’s vision is to be a leader in sustainable cleaning innovation, and as such, we are working on immediate and long-range sustainability strategies. We’re measuring our efforts for their environmental benefits and benefits to our bottom line. More and more often, we’re also being asked to summarize our sustainability strategies for companies who are including environmental concerns in their requests for proposals and information. We think it’s a great trend.

Tennant has a long history of reinventing our business and developing eco-advantaged products for ourselves and our customers. Early innovations included vacuum-equipped sweepers with improved dust control; high-performance, low-VOC floor coatings; and highly concentrated detergents. More recently, we’ve developed ec-H2O™ technology, which won the 2009 European Business Awards (EBA) “Business Innovation of the Year,” as well as Orbio® On-Site Generation systems. Both ec-H2O and Orbio products demonstrate measurable improvements in lifecycle environmental footprint through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste generated.

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