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4 Reasons We're Fans of Air Movers

August 14, 2020 8:00 AM by Tennant Company

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Tennant floor air mover machine

There are many reasons to love fans – sitting in front of one on a hot day, doing a Darth Vader impression into the blades or using it for comforting white noise while you sleep at night.

But we’re even bigger fans of air movers, the more powerful, more versatile cousins of fans that play a variety of important roles in facility maintenance.

First things first, let’s discuss the differences between fans and air movers. Generally speaking, the primary purpose of fans is to circulate air; to cool and/or ventilate a larger space. That applies whether it’s a box fan in your home or a large industrial fan in a workspace.

On the other hand, the purpose of an air mover is more targeted. Air movers, also known as blowers, are designed to direct a more powerful source of air at a small area. And while air movers themselves are great at doing work with a narrow focus, they’re also helpful for a broad range of tasks.

Here are four of our favourite things about air movers:

1.    Reduce slip-and-fall incidents

One of the most obvious benefits of channelling airflow to a particular area is to dry surfaces that pose a danger to staff or visitors when wet.

We have all seen people blow right past a ‘Caution: Wet Floor’ sign. With that in mind, the best-case scenario is to dry slippery-when-wet surfaces as quickly as possible. Air movers can speed drying time, which means reduced risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

2.    Lower the risk of allergy-aggravating mould

As important as water is in achieving a deep clean on surfaces and all kinds of flooring, it can also be problematic. When not dried properly, certain surfaces and textiles can create a perfect environment for mould growth and that can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers.

By using air movers to dry out these spaces more quickly, you can reduce the likelihood that allergy-causing mould has the moisture it needs to grow and cause respiratory problems for people who spend time in those areas. That means less sniffles, less itchy eyes, less sneezing and more happy, healthy employees and visitors.

3.    Minimise chemical and paint odours

Let’s be honest: when it comes to maintenance work, odours are an issue. Before you clean something up, it stinks. After you clean something up (with a chemical cleanser, in particular), it stinks. And not all odours are the same. Odours caused by certain paints and chemicals can pose potential health risks.

Tennant floor scrubbers are easily manoeuvrable and stackable for your convenience.

Fortunately, air movers can target air directly at the problem areas, helping to dry lingering chemicals and paint faster. Air movers, like this one, have an adjustable position and speed setting to further reduce the amount of time that those unpleasant and potentially harmful odours are hanging in the air.

4.    Get back to business faster

No matter how perfect your plan is, sometimes cleaning can impact your business or the way people get around in your facility. Carpet cleaning is an example of a task in which the area needs to be fully dry before people start using it again.

Once again, an air mover is a vital tool to help this process take as little time as possible. And it’s not just carpets. Any area or cleaning technique that isn’t finished until the drying process is complete benefits greatly from an air mover. The last thing you want to do is delay cleaning because you’re worried about the downtime it would cause. Air movers can help reduce that worry.


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