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Our Code

At Tennant Company, we believe in treating people fairly, with dignity and respect while communicating accurately and honestly. We believe that building business relationships on a foundation of trust and operating with integrity sets us apart. Our Code provides the foundation that guides us in our decisions and behaviors. The Code applies to everyone at Tennant Company in every region of the world. Through our individual and collective efforts, basing our actions on ethics and integrity, Tennant Company will remain the outstanding corporate citizen that it is today as we work to make the world a cleaner, safer healthier place.

Know it. Show it. Grow it.

We are counting on you to educate yourself (Know It) so that you can embed ethical behaviors (Show It) and enhance Tennant Company’s reputation (Grow It), one integrity-based decision at a time.

Please select the proper region/language for our Code:

North America

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Asia Pacific


Report unethical or illegal conduct

Whether you are an employee, supplier, customer, vendor or other stakeholder, it takes courage to raise concerns, especially about an ethical or legal issue. When you observe behavior that you believe violates our code of conduct, we encourage you to report it. Tennant Company provides a variety of resources for raising concerns. If you have questions, or are uncomfortable about something you heard or witnessed, you have several ways to express your concerns.

Who do I contact?

In addition to our Ethics & Corporate Compliance (E&CC) team (, we have partnered with a third party to provide a confidential, and if you choose, anonymous report (where allowed by law) through the EthicsPoint system. Reports are treated confidentially in compliance with relevant legal obligations and guidelines. If you are an employee, you can also contact an HR business partner or anyone in management with whom you are comfortable sharing your concerns.

When you report your concerns in good faith, we take deliberate steps to protect reporters, respect confidentiality and foster trust. Retaliation does not support our culture and has no place in our organization. By speaking up, you help Tennant Company remain an ethical, compliant, and transparent workplace.

How do I report my concerns?

Ethics hotline

  1. Dial the access number for your country (see charts by region, below)
  2. Wait for the tone
  3. Dial the Tennant Hotline Number: 1-877-774-6504

 Country  Website  Access Number(s)
 Brasil  Site  0-800-890-0288
 Canada (English)  Website  877-774-6504
 Canada (Français)  Site Web  877-774-6504
 México  Sitio web  01-800-288-2872
 United States  Website  877-774-6504
 Country  Website  Access Number(s)
 Australia  Website  1-800-881-011
 中国  网站  Shanghai/Guangzhou: 108-10 
 Beijing: 108-710
 भारत  वेबसाइट  000-117
 日本  ウェブサイ  0034-811-001
 New Zealand  Website  000-911
 Country  Website  Access Number(s)
 België  Website  0-800-100-10
 France  Site web  0-800-99-0011
 Deutschland  Webseite  0-800-225-5288
 Italia  Sito Web  800-172-444
 Nederland  Website  0800-022-9111
 Norge  Nettsted  800-190-11
 Portugal  Site  800-800-128
 España  Sitio web  900-99-0011
 Sverige  Hemsida  020-799-111
 United Kingdom  Website  0-800-89-0011

In writing

Tennant Company
c/o Compliance Officer
10400 Clean Street
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344

Accounting specific concerns

Call the Tennant Ethics Hotline or write to the Audit Committee to submit concerns related to Tennant’s accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters.

Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
Tennant Company
c/o Compliance Officer
10400 Clean Street
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344

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