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Battery Behavior… Answering Frequently Asked Questions

December 28, 2017 8:31 AM by Tennant Company

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Answers from Our Battery Experts

Battery-powered cleaning equipment is convenient, quiet, and productive. Battery performance is also a source of some confusion—different sources provide different, and sometimes conflicting, stories about what to expect from your equipment batteries. Here are some battery questions that customers ask often, and the answers from our battery experts:

Does a new battery perform at peak capacity from its first day of use?

No. During its first 100 cycles, the battery performance will rise from approximately 70% to 100% of its rated capacity. This period is known as formatting.

Will two matching batteries perform the same on two different models or machines?

No. While they both have the same “off-the-shelf” capacity for energy, the specific amp draw of any machine, due to optional configuration (e.g., different head sizes) and feature sets can vary dramatically.

Are the battery run-times listed on a manufacturer’s specifications accurate?

Yes. The times are correct; however, they usually represent only one set of operating conditions, and actual “in-use” run times will vary with different configurations, settings, and floor conditions.

Can two operators (e.g., first and second shift) experience different run times when cleaning the exact same space and square footage?

Yes. Because most machines allow for various operator settings such as down pressure and travel speed, users choosing different settings will experience different run times.

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