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Start the Job Right and Wow Your Clients

January 08, 2018 8:03 AM by Tennant Company

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Ensuring Success with Good Early Decisions

When you start a job for a new client, you want things to go smoothly. Making sure the launch goes off without a hitch tells your client that your Building Service Contracting business will consistently meet their expectations for service and quality.

To increase the odds of successful site start-ups, it's vital to plan appropriately. That's because it's easy to overlook the important steps that will ensure success. By implementing a few tips, processes and workflows, you can plan for variables, and improve your overall success rate.

To help you succeed, we’ve developed a workbook-style guide featuring a checklist, tips and advice to help you consistently wow your new clients. The easy-to-use guide will help you consider everything you need for a successful start-up.

Our BSC Quick Start Guide will help you:

  • Detail important items before you work on the job. (Will your existing equipment do the job right?)
  • Realistically and pragmatically calculate budget needs and projections. (Should you amend the ROI to reflect equipment needs?)
  • Understand equipment and material costs, including shipping and training. (Are your employees trained to use the cleaning equipment?)
  • Complete all of the logistical steps for tracking the delivery and usage of parts. (Will the equipment be delivered before you start the job?)

Our workbook is designed to help you quickly identify and address challenges as you prepare to begin cleaning a new site. Consider it the first step in making your clients happy and growing your business.

Get started today by downloading our BSC Start-Up Guide.

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