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Know Your Floor: The Importance of Identifying Different Floor Types

August 27, 2018 8:19 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Solutions Best Practices

The Right Cleaning Process for Your Floor

Before you start to finish your floors, stop and consider your floor type. As part of a webinar on floor restoration projects, AICS President Dave Frank discussed the reasons that floors should not always be finished in the same way and why it’s important to identify your floor type before starting a project.

Resilient Floors

Is your tile vinyl or asbestos? It’s important to know! How do you care for new floors to make sure you’re maintaining the warranty? Listen to this video segment on identifying and caring floor resilient floor types.

Resilient Floors

Non-Resilient Floors

What’s the only non-resilient floor that’s typically coated with floor finish, and what’s the current trend? Why do you want to make sure you don’t get floor finish into grout lines? Dave Frank discusses these topics and more in this video segment on maintaining non-resilient floors.

Non-Resilient Floors

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