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How to be More Productive When Cleaning

December 20, 2018 8:34 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Productivity

Four Tips to Improve Your Cleaning Productivity

While you can’t add hours to the day, you can make sure your employees are spending their time wisely when on the clock.

1. Use Machines that Allow for Close Cleaning

Reduce the need for team members to hop on and off machines and use a broom or mop to clean in tight spaces by leveraging machines that allow you to clean close to racks, pallets and equipment.

2. Select Equipment With the Right Power Source

Choose power sources that meet the needs of your cleaning schedule, including batteries that enable crews to maximize time and floor cleaning capacity to clean during their shift on a single charge.

3. Utilize Machines With Pre-Set Cleaning Options

Select equipment with pre-set options that allow team members to start cleaning immediately, reducing set up time while providing consistent cleaning results.

4. Choose Easy-to-Maintain Equipment

Equipment needs maintenance to ensure it will continue to provide peak performance. Select equipment designed with time-saving maintenance features that allow your team to spend less time performing maintenance and more time cleaning.

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