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Employee Spotlight: Yanru Liao and Shea Stori-Ross

February 19, 2020 9:50 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Staffing & Personnel

Tennant employees Yanru Liao and Shea Stori-Ross standing next to each other holding awards.


As a company that manufactures cleaning solutions, we are no stranger to leaving things in a better condition than the one we found it in, but beyond machinery and cleaning technology Tennant has a legacy of stewardship in the community and within the company. This is personified through the Annual Tennant Cleanup at the Minnesota Zoo and Arboretum.

The event gathers Tennant volunteers from across all departments, trains them to use Tennant cleaning machines, and puts them to work helping to clean the facilities and paths of the two Minnesota staple attractions. Safety and organization are of the utmost importance for this team event.

Cleanup organizers Yanru Liao, Administrative Assistant and Shea Stori-Ross, Training Specialist provided the leadership for the event as they coordinated and facilitated the training, scheduling, and all behind-the scenes work for the event that showcases to the community what Tennant technology can provide.

The event leaders, volunteers, and managers’ participation was paramount in executing another successful event that unites not only the community with the organization but also employees across departments. Cleanup organizer, Yanru Liao first joined the event’s team with the hope to further connect with employees from other departments as well as to take part in the Tennant commitment to stewardship.

Shea Stori-Ross, encouraged by a mentor, was looking for an opportunity to strengthen and develop her leadership skills. Tennant’s cleanup event was the perfect fit to challenge and enrich her experience with the company. The cleanup event offers networking, volunteerism, and leadership opportunities for employees to meet and grow all while providing much needed services to local organizations.

The feedback from the maintenance team and other employees involved at the Minnesota Zoo and Arboretum was overwhelmingly positive, the cleanup event had saved the two organizations hours of cleanup before their busy seasons. Year after year, Tennant provides to the community the expertise of their volunteers alongside our category leading cleaning machines, ensuring that their areas are safe, secure, and clean for all to enjoy.


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