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Why You Should Use OEM Parts on Your Equipment

March 03, 2021 9:50 AM by Tennant Company

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collage of Tennant original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

These three letters really mean something when it comes to repairing or replacing on your cleaning equipment: OEM.

They stand for “original equipment manufacturer” and are important to remember when purchasing replacement consumables for your cleaning equipment. 

Original equipment manufacturer parts are those manufactured by the same company that created the equipment that you’re looking to repair. Does it really make a difference which company manufactures the parts? That answer is three other letters: YES.

Parts created by the original manufacturer are designed to fit the parts they’re replacing, in every sense of the word “fit.” That means serving the same exact purpose as the original part, and doing it while taking up the exact same space.

The moving parts inside and outside cleaning equipment are designed to be functional. OEM parts fit the original space exactly as they should. Here are six reasons to purchase OEM parts, whether for your floor scrubber, washing machine or car: 

1.    OEM parts offer apples-to-apples performance.

The whole point of OEM parts is that they are literally designed to serve the purpose they’re serving on that particular piece of equipment. With precise in-house manufacturing to the exact specifications of the original part — in fact, an exact copy of the original part — you can be assured that your machine will continue to function at its maximum capacity.

2.    Aftermarket parts are a roll of the dice.

Replacement parts that aren’t created by the original equipment manufacturer are generally referred to as “aftermarket.” Strictly intended to replace OEM parts, aftermarket parts are often designed to work on as many machines as possible, rather than serving their one particular purpose as well as possible. That means uncertainty can accompany any aftermarket part. And uncertainty is the enemy of efficiency.

3.    Non-OEM parts can impact performance.

Non-OEM parts can miss the mark in a variety of ways that can impact performance. Without the same fit, form, or function, parts can negatively affect equipment performance. In the cleaning world, this may mean less effective cleaning, higher costs to clean, or additional staff time required for maintenance and/or repair.

4.    OEM parts have higher standards.

The same engineers responsible for crafting equipment are often involved in the design of the OEM parts that make it work. Take Tennant, for example. TennantTrue® parts are designed and tested by Tennant engineers to optimize the cleaning performance of Tennant equipment. 

5.    OEM parts can extend equipment life.

The reason why OEM parts are so trusted is because equipment tends to function better for longer when using them. TennantTrue parts, where available over non-OEM parts, are proven to offer long-lasting performance benefits and lower lifecycle costs. Keeping that in mind makes the choice a little easier.

6.    OEM parts just feel right.

This might sound unscientific, but it’s actually important. OEM parts offer the right feel for your equipment. That can start during installation; a smooth, easy installation process should accompany OEM parts. Non-OEM parts may sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole. And it continues with performance. OEM parts just sound and feel right, where non-OEM parts can be accompanied by noisy, uneven performance.

When it’s time for you to choose repair or replacement parts in the future, keep these three little letters in mind. They may have one big impact on the performance of your equipment long into the future.


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