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Carpet Cleaning Rentals: Carpet Extractors & Vacuums

Whether you need machines for a short period of time or want to supplement your current fleet, consider renting Tennant vacuums and extractors for your carpet and floor cleaning equipment needs. Some of the most popular reasons for renting cleaning equipment include:

  • Commercial construction cleanup
  • Backup for existing equipment
  • Cleaning for open houses
  • Post-event cleanup
  • New project start-ups
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Budget constraints
  • Time sensitive need/sense of urgency

Tennant vacuum rental for commercial use

Why Choose to Rent Tennant-Branded Vacuums?

  • Choose from a complete line of upright, backpack and canister vacuum cleaners to clean almost anywhere, from tight spaces to wide open areas.
  • Extend the life of your carpet with Tennant vacuums CRI certified to effectively remove soil.
  • Improve indoor air quality with standard HEPA filtration that traps fine dust particles.
  • Rely on durable major components proven in commercial applications.

Tennant EH5 Canister Extractor

Why Choose to Rent Tennant-branded Carpet Extractors?

  • Find the ideal extractor for any environment from Tennant's line of portable, walk-behind, rider and dual-technology carpet extractors.
  • Deep clean carpets and remove tough soil with heavy-duty carpet extractors.
  • Clean confined areas like classrooms, office buildings, hospitals and restaurants as well as open spaces with mid-size extractors.
  • Easily clean under and around desks, beds, and other obstacles with low-profile machines.
  • Clean and dry carpets in minutes using Tennant's exclusive ReadySpace® Rapid-Drying Carpet Cleaning Technology.
  • Reduce risk of mold, bacteria and odors with Tennant's Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks.


To speak to a Tennant representative about renting Tennant carpet extractors and vacuums, please fill out the form below and a you will be contacted shortly.

Tennant Company Cleaning Machine Lineup

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