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Outdoor Sweeper Rentals

Whether you need machines for a short period of time or want to supplement your current fleet, consider renting Tennant outdoor sweepers for your commercial and industrial needs. Get the job done on time and on budget by renting a Tennant machine. Some of the most popular reasons for renting cleaning equipment include:

  • Commercial construction cleanup
  • Backup for existing equipment
  • Cleaning for open houses
  • Post-event cleanup
  • New project start-ups
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Budget constraints
  • Time sensitive need/sense of urgency

Tennant M20 Sweeper-Scrubber

Why Choose to Rent Tennant-branded Outdoor Sweepers?

  • Clean outdoor areas with high-performance outdoor sweepers.
  • Keep large, challenging spaces like streets, grounds, campuses, industrial complexes, parking decks and roadways clean and looking their best.
  • Clean a variety of outdoor surfaces from asphalt and concrete to turf.
  • Maximize operator efficiency with safe, stable operation and driver safety features.


To speak to a Tennant representative about renting Tennant outdoor sweepers, please fill out the form below and a you will be contacted shortly.

Tennant S30 Ride-On Sweeper

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