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Inventory Scan

Automated Solutions to Inventory Management Challenges

Solve the time- and labor-intensive challenge of inventory management by turning your Tennant AMR robotic floor scrubber into an automated inventory management solution.

Inventory Scan, powered by BrainOS®, uses sophisticated computer vision and analytics technologies to capture high-quality inventory and store-mapping data using your Tennant AMR floor scrubber that carries out daily floor scrubbing. Collect real-time on-shelf data to enable smart, data-driven inventory management and operations — without the need for shelf cameras, drones or other potentially disruptive technologies.

Equipping your Tennant autonomous floor scrubber with Inventory Scan technology empowers you to elevate your customer experience — ensuring exceptionally clean, safe spaces and well-stocked shelves — while easing labor pressures and freeing up employees to focus on providing customer service.

BrainOS® is a registered trademark of Brain Corporation.

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To find out how you can integrate Tennant’s robotic floor scrubbers with Inventory Scan, contact a Tennant expert today. 

T7AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber with Inventory Scan

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