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TennantTrue® Filter Selection Guide

Match Tennant cleaning machines to your environment’s demands, and trust TennantTrue Filters to keep more dust in the filter and less dust in the air. Choose a TennantTrue Filter for longer filter life, reduced machine maintenance costs and increased productivity.

Advanced Filtering Technologies Control Dust

Ultra-Web® Nanofiber — Capture more dust on the S20 & S30 machines with this very fine, resilient fiber that forms a web over the surface of the filter. Get improved shake-back, better airflow and enhanced machine performance with this MERV 15 filtration efficiency rated filter.*

Quad Filtering System — Improve indoor air quality by capturing all particles greater than 3.5 microns with 99.9 percent effectiveness.

Tennant Engineering Maximizes Filter Performance

VCS® (Vibrating Comb System) — Optimize your machine’s performance with ten-second shakedowns in the Vibrating Comb System. This patented approach separates most of the debris from the filter, increasing its life and reducing machine maintenance and filter replacement costs.

Instant Access® — Look for Tennant machines with Instant Access®, no-tool removable panel filters. Frequently checking filters and changing them when appropriate ensures optimum machine performance. And, because it’s so easy to do, operators will have more time to focus on cleaning.

Get the greatest return on your investment and reduce your overall cost to clean when you pair TennantTrue® filters with TennantTrue® Service. We have factory-trained, local Tennant service representatives ready to diagnose and fix your problems quickly.

* Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values as defined by ASHRAE Standard 52.2.

Brands marked with ® are registered in the United States and/or other countries. Brands marked with the TM are not registered and protected under applicable law.