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Creating a Silica Dust Exposure Control Plan

Silica dust poses health and safety and compliance challenges in many work environments. Controlling the extremely fine dust is a complex task requiring both proper engineering controls and effective housekeeping practices. Tennant tools and technologies can play an important role in helping you manage the silica dust challenge, and can support silica exposure control plans that help you create safe, healthy, productive work environments, and work toward OSHA compliance.

  • 180 facility decison makers were asked about reducing silica dust exposure to comply with a new regulation that OSHA estimates will save 600 lives each year. Click here to learn more about their thoughts and strategies.
  • OSHA has reduced the permissible exposure limit of respirable crystalline silica dust, requiring employers to use engineering and housekeeping controls to limit worker exposure when feasible.
  • Respirable crytalline silica dust is at least 100 times smaller than sand. This poses a major health concern according to over 50 peer reviewed studies.
  • OSHA estimates that over 2 million workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust.

Additional Resources

For additional information on OSHA's ruling to Protect Workers from Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica and compliance schedule, visit the OSHA website.

For additional information on the silica dust ruling and compliance schedule, visit


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