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2018 Corporate Sustainability Report

August 28, 2019 8:20 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Sustainability Industry News & Trends

We recently published our 10th annual Corporate Sustainability Report for 2018 and we are proud of the progress we’ve made over the last year toward our key initiatives. A few highlights that are featured in the report include:

  • 2018 was the second year in a row Tennant Company earned a score of A- from the CDP Supply Chain program, putting Tennant Company in the Leadership level of participating companies.
  • We were one of the first 100 companies to have our Science-Based Target approved globally, including the target we set for the use of sold goods.
  • We increased safety visibility efforts across our global production locations, while reducing our safety incidents by 18%.
  • Our employees volunteered over 2,600 hours globally and our foundation donated over $564,000 in 2018.

The report highlights even more projects and progress our employees are leading globally to help us meet the objectives, goals and metrics set for the four focus areas:

  • Products: Commitment to creating and commercializing breakthrough, sustainable cleaning technologies.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Energy: Reduce GHG emissions used in our operations and along our value chain
  • Waste: Commitment to becoming a zero-waste enterprise
  • People & Communities: Unquestionable integrity and community involvement, including:
    • Intentional giving
    • Company ethics & human rights
    • Environment, facilities and safety

We invite you to check out the report and learn more about Tennant Company and our Sustainability efforts.

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