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4 Reasons to Invest in Floor Cleaning Machines

May 19, 2020 3:45 PM by Tennant Company

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The sounds a floor makes can tell you a lot. The squeak of a freshly cleaned concrete floor. The rub of a spotless carpet. The tap you hear on tile.

But if you listen even closer, are your floors trying to tell you something else? Here are four reasons that your floors may be begging you for floor cleaning machines that provide a deeper, more specialized clean.

1. Specialization Makes Floors Special

There was a time when there were two floor-cleaning tools: A broom and a mop. Mops and brooms absolutely had their place in the cleaning business, but as needs evolve so do floor cleaning machine solutions. And today, we know that those advanced tools can help make floors cleaner.

Cleaner floors are not only safer and more sanitary, but can also extend the life of flooring. That means specialized floor cleaning machines can do amazing things to reduce the time it takes to perform important daily cleaning while keeping workplaces safe.

2. Not all floors are created equal.

Porous and non-porous, carpeted and bare, there are floors of all kinds out there. No matter what their differences are, every single one of them needs to be cleaned. Taking the specific cleaning needs of a flooring style into consideration is important.

For instance, some sweepers and scrubbers can cover a wide range of surfaces, while burnishers and carpet extractors are more specialized to specific tasks. The advanced technology in today’s floor cleaning machines makes some versatile for all kinds of floors while others excel at specific tasks on specific floor types.

3. Less staff time manually sweeping, scrubbing and mopping.

At one point or another, we’ve all been in a position where we had a screwdriver but needed a hammer. And honestly, the same is true when it comes to floor cleaning machines. Just like how you don’t want to be stuck hammering in a nail with a screwdriver, you don’t want to be using the wrong tool while cleaning the floors.

Floor cleaning machines can be specialized to be the perfect tool for a specific job, or versatile to be the right tool for a whole lot of jobs. In both cases, you’ll save staff time, energy, and effort by having the right machine.

4. That just-out-of-the-shower clean feeling.

As we all know, there’s a difference between looking clean and being clean. If floor cleaning machines provide that just-showered clean feeling, other methods are more of a squirt of cologne and fresh application of deodorant after a long day at work.

The sad truth is, sometimes floors can look clean while being anything but. Floor cleaning machines can close that gap. Think of mops, for example. For certain tasks, mops are incredibly efficient, time-proven tools. But mops can also smear germs around rather than actually removing them from the floor surface.

Scrubbers, carpet extractors, and sweeper-scrubbers apply the same principle — using water for a deeper clean — and can be more efficient at removing germs and other debris from flooring surfaces. In the same way, vacuums do a better job of clearing soft floor surfaces than a broom and dustpan can.

Floor cleaning machines can offer a whole lot to your floors, but they can also offer even more to the teams who are responsible for taking care of them. Floor cleaning machines provide a deeper, more sanitary clean. They can reduce the time staff spends cleaning and help improve efficiency and productivity. And they can provide ability to use a highly engineered, advanced tool for a specific task.

Go ahead and listen to your floors. You just might hear them begging you for a floor cleaning machine.

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