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Floor Cleaning Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cleaning Equipment, Tips and Solutions for Labratory and Production Facilities

Cleanliness is critical in pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing facilities, and Tennant has total floor care solutions to keep your facilities clean and safe — from ride-on and walk-behind scrubbers to chemical-resistant floor coatings.

Rely on Tennant scrubbers to handle tough jobs in large, open spaces and small, congested areas areas. Our innovative technologies deliver outstanding cleaning performance while our high-traction certified technologies increase building safety and reduce the risk of slip-and fall injuries. Ergonomic design, easy-to-use controls, and simple maintenance steps allow your staff to work productively and comfortably. Our quality construction helps reduce cost of ownership by providing years of dependable service.

As part of our total floor care solutions, Tennant has a range of floor coatings that are chemical resistant and solvent free to help you comply with FDA requirements and maintain a hygienic, anti-bacterial environment. Choose from resinous coating systems for every area, from laboratories and chemical storage areas to corridors and shower rooms.

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