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5 Resources for Maintaining Your Cleaning Equipment

May 19, 2021 9:15 AM by Tennant Company

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cleaner changing the brush of T500-T500e

If you’ve read our blog posts in the past, or checked out some of our videos, you’ve likely seen this before:

Properly maintaining your equipment is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

Not to sound like a broken record, but we stand by that message. Because of routine maintenance, there is decades-old Tennant equipment across the world that still clean floors daily.

If you’re responsible for maintaining the cleaning equipment at your facility, you may have wondered where to find information on how to do maintenance tasks or properly care for your equipment before and after your shift. Additionally, you may be responsible for installing or replacing parts inside of the machine, which can take additional time and knowledge.

You’re in luck! We have many resources available to you, which might help save you a call to customer service or prevent your machine from breaking down.

1.    Operator Manual: Each of our machines has its own operator manual, which has detailed instructions for how to perform every day functions on your machine. With pictures and detailed descriptions, your operator manual should be the first stop if you have a question about your machine.

Every machine is delivered with an operator manual, but if you’re not able to find yours, they are all available on our website(Use the site’s search function to find the webpage for your specific machine.)

2.    Parts Manual: Similar to the operator manual, every machine has a parts manual, which gives you a detailed list of part numbers for your machine, and exploded illustrations so you can see exactly how the parts connect and fit together. Parts manuals can be found on each individual machine page on our website(Use the site’s search function to find the webpage for your specific machine.)

Operator manual cover for T500-T500e
T500 floor scrubber schematic

3.       YouTube Channel: Our YouTube channel has videos for nearly every one of our machines, including How To Operate videos, which will give you the basics of how to take care of the main components of your machine, like changing brushes, pads, and squeegees, and using the control panel. 

4.       Instruction Bulletins: Most of our equipment has additional instruction bulletins to help replace or install specific items on your machine. This can include things like replacing your disc scrub head, replacing the ec-H2O™ module, installing a battery cable kit, or installing telemetry. Along with the operator and parts manuals, these instruction bulletins can be found on each product page of our website.

5.       Customer Service: Of course, some things just need an expert (we can’t all be good at everything!). This is when you should reach out to our skilled customer service team. They can help you find and order parts, or connect you with a Tennant service technician who will come to your facility to help troubleshoot your issue. Or, if you prefer to have preventative maintenance performed on your machine, our service plans help keep your maintenance on a schedule to help any major breakdowns from occurring in the first place.

With these resources in your back pocket, and some time spent reviewing them, your machine should clean optimally for years (or maybe even decades!) to come.


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