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The Big Picture for Industrial Floor Cleaning

April 05, 2023 7:36 AM by Tennant Company

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Industrial Cleaning Solutions

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping industrial floors clean. That’s because manufacturing environments have myriad spaces—large and small—that need to be kept clean, sanitary, and inviting.

There is the front of the house where customers enter and office employees work. There are lunch and break rooms where employees go for mid-day meals and little downtime. There are hallways and common areas that get a lot of daily tread.

There is also the busy manufacturing floor where production workers churn out products and every minute counts. Lastly, there are the parking lot and loading areas where people and products go in and out.

Keeping all these spaces clean and safe requires a wide range of specialized industrial cleaning machines. A manufacturing operation should have an arsenal of large scrubbers, scrubber sweepers, vacuums, sweepers, and mini scrubbers at their disposal to ensure every square foot of floor space is clean. Read on to learn what industrial cleaning equipment is best used where in an expansive manufacturing operation.

Make a Clean First Impression

The front entry is where is all begins. It sets the tone for customers that are invited in and employees beginning their workday. Entry floors are typically carpeted and require regular vacuuming to keep them looking their best. Mats should also be placed outside the entry door to catch dirt and debris that can get tracked in by foot traffic.

Industrial vacuums come in a wide range of forms—professional grade upright, backpack, wet-dry and canister industrial vacuum cleaners. Making the right selection comes down to the size of the entry space, whether there are stairs to navigate and furniture to clean under, and the ergonomic benefits for cleaning crews.

Give Employees a Clean Break

Most breakrooms, lunchrooms, and restrooms typically have tile floors. Taking a traditional mop-and-bucket approach to keeping these spaces clean, sanitary, and inviting produces less-than-optimal results. That’s because mop-and-bucket cleaning can leave surface soil on the floor. This method of cleaning is also time-consuming, labor-intensive and fatiguing for cleaning crews.

This is where the modern mechanized mop comes in. These small, mechanized, walk-behind scrubbers are ideal for cleaning in tight spaces. They easily maneuver around people and stationary objects while delivering a powerful level of clean. Mechanized mops like Tennant’s i-mop® line of scrubbers are also easier for cleaning crews to operate than a traditional mop and bucket.

Keep Hallways and Common Areas Clean

Busy hallways and common areas of a manufacturing facility can get dirty fast since they get a lot of foot traffic each workday. They are the connectors to every space in an industrial facility, and customers and employees alike want a sense they are walking through a clean and safe environment.

Depending on the floor type, vacuums and scrubbers are key pieces of equipment to keep these areas clean. A compact, low profile walk behind micro-scrubber can easily navigate narrow spaces like hallways and they have excellent water recovery to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Make Warehouses Clean and Safe

Warehouse floors can get dirty and grimy quick with production workers running manufacturing lines and equipment with wheels rolling throughout the facility. These areas are also the most potentially hazardous spaces in the building. That makes having the right industrial floor cleaning equipment at the ready a key priority.

Large scrubbers and scrubber sweepers are a staple cleaning for the manufacturing floor. But they require seasoned cleaning crews to operate safely, which can be a challenge due to ongoing labor shortages. 

Modern autonomous robotic floor scrubbers are making cleaning the floors in the production space more efficient and safer.

Click to learn about autonomous scrubbers.

They work alongside cleaning crews and free employees to focus on higher value cleaning tasks. They also reduce the amount of detergent and water needed when integrated with Tennant’s optional ec-H20 NanoClean® technology.

Clean Really Dirty Spaces with Ease

Parking lots and loading docks are notoriously dirty spaces to keep clean. They are also hazardous areas for customers and employees if not properly cleaned and maintained. These areas require efficient industrial floor cleaning sweepers that can clean, turn and navigate the spaces easily.

Industrial floor sweepers are built to capture all kinds of debris while filtering and containing dust in demanding park lot and loading dock spaces. They also have a wide sweeping path and a large-capacity hopper that reduces the need for frequent dumping.

The Power to Shine

A cleaner, safer, healthier industrial facility has a significant impact on daily operations. From the front entry to the loading dock and everywhere in between, clean reflects the facility’s dedication to its customers and employees. No matter what space is being cleaned, having the right industrial cleaning equipment along with a provider that has in-depth knowledge of the industrial space can keep floors shining through every shift.

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