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X4 ROVR Accelerates Robotic Floor Cleaning Innovation and Adoption

March 20, 2024 8:14 AM by Tennant Company

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X4 ROVR Accelerates Robotic Floor Cleaning Innovation and Adoption

Every industry is grappling with labor shortages, yet they still need to maintain clean facilities. At the same time, organizations are facing cost pressures, which can cause hesitation when considering an investment in robotic floor cleaning equipment.

With more than 6,500 floor cleaning robots in the field, we’ve proven there’s demand for autonomous cleaning equipment, but there’s more to be done to help more facilities realize the potential of robotics in cleaning.

That’s why we’ve developed an exclusive partnership with Brain Corp. to accelerate robotic floor cleaning innovation and even greater adoption.

Next-generation robotic floor cleaning is here

In addition to the partnership with Brain Corp, we’ve announced the Tennant X4 ROVR—our first purpose-built, fully autonomous floor cleaning machine. It uses BrainOS® Clean Suite, which includes Tennant-exclusive sensors, controllers, and an entirely new software platform.

Its game-changing small size, agility, and adaptability will advance floor cleaning with a direct impact on businesses. X4 ROVR is easy to use, versatile, and efficient high-performance design simplifies cleaning in tough environments such as retail, education, healthcare, and BSC applications where cleaning teams are being tapped to do more with less.

The X4 ROVR autonomous floor scrubber enlists best-in-class computerized components in a compact design that integrates seamlessly with existing cleaning protocols. Despite its small size, it has a 10-gallon solution tank and can run at full power—scrubbing up to two hours straight. The X4 ROVR also features enhanced computer vision for more intelligent navigation to clean spaces anytime, morning or night. Furthermore, this next-generation robotic scrubber can turn around and back up, offering more maneuverability in smaller spaces.

A major disruptor in autonomous cleaning industry

While autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have been working alongside human cleaners for several years, the new X4 ROVR is nothing the industry has seen before. It empowers organizations to maximize ROI with a robust, durable piece of machinery with an operation system that is built to last. It comes with a Customer Success Team and the largest factory-direct and trained aftermarket support globally.

The X4 ROVR also equips organizations to elevate their commitment to sustainability for both employees and shareholders via the scrubber’s sustainable resource consumption, velocity-controlled solution delivery and lithium-ion battery technology.

In addition, it elevates custodial staff to robotic equipment operators and encourages them to develop more efficient ways to clean their facility and advance operations elsewhere.

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Two powerhouses delivering what industries need

The combination of Tennant’s industry-leading cleaning equipment, trusted service expertise, resources, and global footprint with Brain Corp’s AI, robotics technology, and installed base is a powerful combination. Developed with insights from more than 32,000 robots deployed in the field, Brain Corp has the experience, knowledge, and resources that make them the clear technology leader and innovator in this space.

The launch of X4 ROVR can help organizations address their most significant pain points—labor shortages and return on investment (ROI). Adding X4 ROVR to current cleaning protocols frees cleaning teams to focus on high value tasks requiring human involvement and deliver game-changing service. The system’s improvement in ROI unlocks a new segment of users who have not previously been able to justify adding Tennant AMR machines to their fleets.

Learn more about the new Tennant X4 ROVR Autonomous Floor Scrubber.


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