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Evaluating Floor Cleaning Machines for your Business? Consider Reconditioned

June 05, 2024 9:05 AM by Tennant Company

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Evaluating Floor Cleaning Machines for your Business? Consider Reconditioned

Depending on the size of your organization and floor cleaning budget, purchasing brand new floor cleaning machines may be out of reach. Not every business has the budget or cleaning demands that justify investing in just-off-the-line equipment.

Yet, organizations such as retail stores, warehouse facilities, schools and municipalities are still being tasked to do more to maintain clean floor surfaces. After all, clean floors aren’t just for show. They can enhance the customer experience, boost sales, reduce wear and tear on facilities, and provide a safer work environment for employees.

There’s a sizeable market for reconditioned floor cleaning equipment—which provides options for organizations that can’t justify buying new or those who simply want to test the waters before going all-in on the latest technology. Tennant provides more than 100 reconditioned floor cleaning machines a month to this robust market, with demand anticipated to grow for the foreseeable future.

Tennant offers tiers of reconditioned equipment at various states of condition and price points. Here’s a look at our reconditioned equipment options and information on the evaluation and restoration processes.

Certified pre-owned equipment

What are the benefits of buying certified pre-owned equipment? For organizations that want Tennant equipment, support and factory-direct service but can’t justify the cost of a new machine, certified pre-owned (CPO) reconditioned cleaning equipment is a great option.

Our technicians tear down a used floor cleaning machine to the frame and make it look and operate like new—for 20%-40% less than the price of a new machine.

A Tennant CPO floor scrubber or sweeper is from recent model years and has low operating hours. It also comes with a comprehensive warranty, including up to 9 months for parts and up to 90 days for labor.

Another advantage of Tennant CPO floor cleaners is that sometimes the machine has never been used to clean a commercial floor. Some equipment comes to Recon due to mis-orders, duplicate orders or damage in transit.

This becomes a win-win for both Tennant and organizations that want high cleaning performance at a reduced purchase cost.

Used floor cleaning machines

The greatest demand we see for reconditioned floor cleaning equipment is from value hunters with lower budgets. Used cleaning machines aren’t built to look like new, but still offer good performance. In the used tier, we fully service the internal parts of the machine and spend several hours making cosmetic enhancements to mitigate scratches prior to resale.

Our used Tennant machines tend to be slightly older models with higher operating hours. The used tier comes with a 30-90 day parts warranty and is typically about half the price of a new machine.

How cleaning machines are reconditioned

When a floor cleaning machine arrives at our operation for reconditioning, we follow a thorough vetting process to determine which tier it falls into—CPO, used or as-is. This includes:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Computer-aided diagnostic testing
  • Inspection of complex components
  • Functional testing
  • Final inspection and cleaning


This time-lapse video shows our technician restoring an older model Tennant M20 ride-on floor sweeper-scrubber to like-new condition—inside and out. Cleaned up, tuned up and operationally sound with 159 OEM parts, this floor cleaning machine is ready for the recon market.

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Reconditioned equipment advances circularity

Circular products and waste is one of the six areas that Tennant has committed to in our mission to embed sustainability across our business.

By offering refurbished equipment as an option to organizations, we’re helping to advance sustainability by keeping equipment out of the waste stream. Likewise, organizations opting for reconditioned floor cleaning equipment are doing their part for the planet too.

Learn more about Tennant reconditioned floor cleaning machines.

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