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How To Change Brushes and Pads

February 08, 2021 9:50 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Solutions Best Practices Productivity

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Properly maintaining and replacing the brushes and pads on your floor scrubber is just as important an servicing the machine itself. Your equipment can’t operate optimally without proper maintenance, and your brushes and pads can’t clean effectively if they are worn down, dirty or installed incorrectly.

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions for how to remove and change the pads and brushes on your floor scrubber.

Here are some quick tips from the video to help ensure your pads and brushes are properly installed.

  • Using quality TenantTrue® brushes or pads and squeegee blades in good condition helps your machine perform at its best.
  • With the head raised, to remove the pad drivers or brushes on a disc machine, step on the yellow pad release plunger.


  • When checking the pad driver and pads, determine if you need to flip or replace pads. Pads should be replaced before they’re worn down to the pad driver.
  • If you use a brush, make sure to inspect and clean it by removing any debris caught in the bristles and spraying it down. The brush should be replaced at the yellow wear indicator is the same length as the other bristles.
  • If your machine is a cylindrical unit, you'll want to inspect, clean and rotate the brushes as well. To check the brush on a cylindrical unit, unfasten the yellow latch, remove the idler plate from the scrub head and pull the brush up. Remove debris buildup from the underside of the scrub head, including the idler plate. To reattach the brush, make sure to place the double row of bristles to the idler plate and guide the brush onto the drive hub. Then refasten the yellow latch.
  • If you have an orbital machine, the first step is to make sure you have two pads: a backer pad, which will protect your pad driver, and the working pad. The backer pad will have hook and loop strips to help hold the working pad to the machine. With the back pad hook and loop strips facing you, add the working pad.

With these tips on removing and replacing your brushes and pads, your floor scrubber will be ready to clean effectively and efficiently.


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