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Introducing the T290, T390, and T581 Floor Scrubbers

February 24, 2021 9:50 AM by Tennant Company

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tennant barbera launches new floor scrubbers, t290, t390 and t581

Cleaning has never been more important, and Tennant is making it easier than ever. Three new mechanized floor scrubbers make cleaning faster, more efficient and safer than ever before. These three new scrubbers address the need for competitively-priced, high-quality cleaning machines.

How to Choose the Right Floor Scrubber

The type of scrubber will depend on your facility's size and how you plan to use the machine. A few things to consider when selecting your floor scrubber include:

  • Facility size and usage. How large is the space to be cleaned and what time of day will it be cleaned? 
  • Cleaning environment. How much traffic is in the area? Is it high traffic or low-to-medium traffic?
  • Specific challenges. Is there equipment or other considerations in the environment that would make cleaning more difficult?

Armed with this information, you can decide which of our new models will serve your needs the best. 

"Our customers are committed to maintaining the health and safety of their facilities and enhancing their properties’ image—all while facing pressure to reduce the cost of cleaning,” said David Strohsack, Vice President of Global Marketing for Tennant Company. “We developed these new commercial scrubbers with those challenges in mind. The result is a set of core solutions that can enhance the image of our customers’ facilities, prioritizes health and safety, and simplifies maintenance and operation – at a competitive price."

Tennant's New Scrubbers

Tennant's new micro scrubbers are prepared to meet the cleaning challenges of most facilities. From schools to hospitals to retail and public institutions, our floor scrubbers are well-equipped to meet your needs. 

Tennant T290 floor scrubber right side view

Tennant Company's T290 commercial walk-behind floor scrubber features on cyclindrical brush and trailing squeegee blade.

Tennant T390 floor scrubber front of machine

The two cylindrical rotating brush on the T390 commercial walk-behind floor scrubber allows for powerful and deep floor cleaning.

Tennant T581 floor scrubber left side of machine

The ride on feature of Tennant's T581 floor scrubber allows for convenience and comfort while cleaning your larger commercial space.

T390 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Ideal for medium-sized spaces in hospitals, grocery stores and public institutions, the T390 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber is a self-propelled unit that cleans quickly and consistently. A dual disk cleaning path optimizes productivity while maintaining maneuverability, allowing you to clean more efficiently. Other features include:

  • Steel scrub deck with roller guide wheels to protect your facility
  • Larger water storage tank for optimum performance
  • "No tools required" brush and squeegee replacement
  • Intuitive controls
  • Yellow touch points simplify preventative maintenance
  • Indicator light to alert low tank levels

T581 Ride On Floor Scrubber

Featuring a quiet motor and 20 percent longer running times in ECO mode, the T581 is the perfect choice for larger areas in hospitals, schools and stores. Its compact design will easily fit into congested spaces, but it can clean larger areas quickly. It's also simple to use with a one-button cleaning operation. The T581's other features include:

  • No-tools, no-touch brush change system
  • Change water flow rate and other cleaning functions from the intuitive control panel
  • Large solution tank
  • Multi-stage vacuum motor for strong water pick-up
  • Quick, mess-free tank draining thanks to a pinch-style recovery tank drain hose
  • Durable “V” shaped squeegee design with standard Linatex® squeegee blades

Learn more and compare these three new products to see which one is best for your facility. 


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