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Floor Cleaning Solutions for Tight Spaces

May 11, 2022 4:09 PM by Tennant Company

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Kitchen Environment

When it comes to floor cleaning solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. Solutions that are perfect for efficiently cleaning the expansive aisles of your grocery store are insufficient for cleaning bathrooms or behind the deli counter, for instance.

Larger machines can have difficulty navigating tight spaces and have a wider turning radius and mopping by hand is time-consuming. One report found that 80% of food retailers face labor shortages that are negatively impacting their businesses. At a time when labor shortages are gripping nearly every industry, your organization needs a solution that will allow staff time to be diverted to high-value tasks.

Smaller Machines for Smaller Spaces

Your organization might have large expanses of floor space, but it also has numerous tight spaces. Consider places like bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and narrow aisles of feature sections. Spaces such as gas stations, quick service restaurants, and hospital rooms have similar cleaning challenges.

Neglecting cleaning of these high-visibility areas isn’t an option, either: Studies have shown a positive correlation between facility cleanliness and consumer buying habits.

Floor scrubbers from Tennant Company resolve that challenge by bringing the cleaning power of a floor scrubbing machine to a cleaning path as narrow as 15 inches. And with an operating volume as low as 68 decibels — equivalent to the sound level of a residential washing machine — cleaning floors won’t disrupt business operations.

Safer, Drier Floors

Mechanized mops not only reduce the labor time to clean floors; they also ensure safety in the process. Mops leave a slippery layer of water on flooring surfaces, which can pose a significant slip-and-fall risk for customers and employees alike. Mechanized mops, on the other hand, have a recovery tank as large as 3.4 gallons — meaning that most of the water used for cleaning does not remain on your flooring surface, and what isn’t recovered dries quickly.

Recovery Tanks Help Protect Flooring Surfaces

Instead of pushing dirty water around your polished concrete, vinyl or tile flooring surface, a mechanized walk-behind scrubber or powered mop from Tennant Company like the CS5 Micro-Scrubber, T1B Battery Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber, and the i-mop have a separate solution and recovery tank. This feature means that you’re not leaving soils behind that will accelerate wear and tear on your precious flooring surface.

CS5 vs Mop Comparison

Cope With Labor Shortages

Businesses in all markets are experiencing a labor shortage. One way businesses are freeing up employee time is to use mechanized cleaning to reduce time spent cleaning. This allows staff to work faster and make cleaning more enjoyable.

Incorporating Mechanized Mops Into Your Floor-Cleaning Fleet

Mechanized mops and walk-behind floor cleaners fill a critical role in your organization’s fleet of floor-cleaning machines. Autonomous and ride-on floor cleaners efficiently clean open spaces and wide aisles — and operators familiar with those machines can use that same skill set to operate smaller, walk-behind machines designed to clean tight spaces. It’s a win-win for operators and your organization. Learn more about floor cleaning technology from Tennant Company.


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