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Five years ago, we began reporting on sustainability with the intent that our actions would be driven by our company's core value of stewardship and vision to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world. I'm extremely proud to say that these two important tenets of our sustainability pledge remain.

In this year’s report, "Blueprint for a Sustainable Enterprise," we take a considerable leap forward in our sustainability journey by establishing long-term, quantitative, measurable goals for each of our four focus areas: Products, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions/Energy, Waste, and People and Communities. Our report discusses how we arrived at these goals through a very deliberate process to engage key stakeholders across the globe and assess the materiality of economic, environmental, and social risks and opportunities. I'm thankful for the honesty and candor with which Tennant employees and other stakeholders contributed to this process. I believe that this transparency has led to impactful and substantive goals that will, indeed, contribute to creating a cleaner, safer and healthier world.

I'm proud of where we’ve come in these five short years and I'm energized by the commitment to this next leg of our journey. We will continue to share powerful, motivating stories and share progress toward our objectives and goals. Our "Blueprint for a Sustainable Enterprise" is now in place and synchronized with our "Blueprint for Growth." I’m confident we have a strong foundation for the future which will yield impactful, measurable results.

Chris Killingstad
President and
Chief Executive Officer


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