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Orbital Scrubbing


Orbio® os3


Orbio® 5000-Sc


ec-H2O Technology


ES (Extended Scrubbing) Technology Productivity Enhancement System


FaST Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology


IRIS Technology


ReadySpace Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology

Innovative Floor Cleaning Technology

Tennant Company provides cleaning equipment and the latest innovative cleaning technologies to effectively clean hard floors and carpeting. Before we lead, we listen. We use insights from customer feedback to create solutions that change how you clean.

From inspiration comes innovation, such as FaST Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology and ec-H2O technology for scrubbers; TwinMax Sweeping Technology for sweepers; ReadySpace Rapid-Drying Cleaning Technology for carpet extractors; IRIS remote information technology for select industrial cleaning equipment, and Orbio multi-purpose solution from Orbio Split Stream technology.

Tennant Company is committed to leading its industry in sustainable cleaning machines and innovative cleaning solutions that empower our customers to create a cleaner, safer, healthier world.