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636 Green Machines Air Sweeper

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Provides excellent cleaning in narrow and congested spaces to help reduce your cost to clean. Improve facility image and provide a safe and healthy environment with this versatile, easy to use and maintain outdoor sweeper.

Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Increase cleaning run time and reduce dump cycles with the large 1.3 yd3 / 1m3 stainless steel hopper.

Maintain Health & Safety

  • Protect employees, visitors and citizens from potentially harmful dust with CloudMaker® wet dust control technology and three-stage dust filtration system.

Enhance Facility Image

  • Keep your outdoor spaces always looking great with a powerful suction system that allows effective pick-up of nearly all types of litter and debris.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Deliver consistent sweeping results with this easy-to-operate and maintain sweeper that features adjustable brush pressure and simple one-button operation.


Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Large hopper improves productivity and increases cleaning run time by holding up to 1,323 lb / 600 kg of debris.

  • Variable brush pressure and speed reduce brush wear and maintenance expense.

  • Adjustable sweeping path effectively cleans in narrow and congested areas to maximize flexibility.

  • Water ejection port increases productivity in wet conditions by enabling continuous sweeping without interruption.

Maintain Health & Safety

  • 3-stage cyclonic dust control technology increases safety and protects employees and outdoor areas by capturing fine dust particles.

  • Vari-track™ extendable front track provides remarkable stability and enables safe travel at higher speeds.

  • Front wheel steering is designed to increase safety and maneuverability.

  • Voice warning system keeps pedestrians and others in the work area safe by informing them of immediate cleaning in process.

Enhance Facility Image

  • Exceptional CloudMaker® wet dust control technology knocks-down fine dust particles so your community or facility is always looks its best.

  • Maximum 81 in / 2,050 mm sweeping path enables you to quickly clean large areas to improve your community’s image.

  • Engineered to provide cleaning versatility to sweep open or congested areas.

  • Parallel brush arm system automatically provides correct brush position to deliver consistent sweeping performance.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Tilting cab and hopper provide complete access to all major systems and enable quick and easy routine maintenance and service.

  • Variable brush speed controlled from the cab reduces brush wear and requires less frequent brush changes.

  • Independently-operated dual brooms enable easy sweeping around obstacles for detailed cleaning wherever needed.

  • 1-Step™ start button activates all sweeping functions for easy operation.

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