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M20 Integrated Rider Scrubber-Sweeper

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Provides excellent cleaning indoors and outdoors to help reduce your cost to clean, improve facility image, and provide a safe and healthy environment in an easy to use and maintain industrial scrubber-sweeper.

Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Eliminate costs associated with chemical purchases and reduce water use with ec-H2O™ technology.

Health & Safety

  • Protect employees and facilities with the ErgoSpace™ operator compartment that improves visibility and response time to obstacles.

Enhance Facility Image

  • Keep your facility always looking great with a versatile design that enables you to sweep, scrub or do both at the same time for one pass cleaning – wet or dry.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Reduce training and simplify operation with the Touch-N-Go™ control panel featuring 1-STEP™ scrubbing and sweeping.


Reduce Cost to Clean

  • FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system improves productivity by combining sweeping and scrubbing functions, reducing the need for multiple machines.

  • Innovative ec-H2O™ technology lets you clean up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing by using less water.

  • Heavy gauge steel frame and Duramer™ body construction extend machine life.

  • Side brush maximizes productivity and provides superior edge-cleaning capabilities.

Maintain Health & Safety

  • ErgoSpace™ operator compartment protects the operator with open sightlines and easy-to-use controls.

  • Optional overhead guard protects the operator and squeegee protection kit protects the machine in harsh environments.

  • Grip-N-Go™ corner rollers protect your facility and machine from damage.

  • High capacity multi-level hydraulic rear hopper increases safety by eliminating manual dumping.

Enhance Facility Image

  • On-board wand extends cleaning so your facility always looks its best.

  • Wet / dry synthetic fiber panel filter provides outstanding dust control and excellent shake-back to improve your facility’s image.

  • Front-wheel steering provides tight handling and easy maneuvering for maximum productivity.

  • Engineered for consistent, industrial-strength cleaning whether scrubbing, sweeping or doing both at once.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • EasyOpen™ service access, and 14 percent fewer parts enable easy maintenance.

  • Hygenic® tanks with Variable Drain Valves™ allow you to quickly and easily clean and sanitize recovery and solution tanks.

  • Touch-N-Go™ control panel features 1-STEP™ scrubbing and sweeping to simplify operation.

  • Easy, no-tool removable brushes simplify maintenance.

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