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5680 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

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The 5680 is an aggressive system that delivers excellent down pressure and pad RPM for consistent cleaning results to help reduce your cost to clean, improve facility image and provide a safe environment – all in an easy to use and maintain walk behind floor scrubber.

Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology delivers cost savings and productivity gains by using less water, which means less empty-fill cycles, significant chemical and labor cost savings, and simplified operation and maintenance

Health & Safety

  • Optimal water recovery – even in 180 degree turns – minimizes the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Enhance Facility Image

  • Excellent down pressure and pad RPM provide powerful cleaning so facilities look their best.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Deliver consistent scrubbing results with this easy-to-operate and maintain scrubber that provides peak performance year after year due to its quality engineering.


Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Easy-to-use Quick-Train™ control panel reduces training time, making operators more productive.

  • Scrub longer between empty / fill cycles with large-capacity 30 gal / 114 L solution and recovery tanks, and up to 3.5 hours of continuous run time.

  • Take advantage of significant savings in chemical costs, labor savings through increased productivity, and more with optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology.

  • Hassle free squeegee system simplifies maintenance and never needs adjustment.

Maintain Health & Safety

  • Optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ is certified by the NFSI to improve floor traction and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Additionally, NSF registration ensures the technology is safe to use in food and beverage handling environments.

  • The convenient debris tray reduces operator contact with recovery water, and prevents clogged hoses and drains for increased safety.

  • Easy-to-clean Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks reduce mold, bacteria and odors, and help maintain better indoor air quality.

  • Optional HydroLink®* reduces risk of operator contact with battery acid.
  • *HydroLin​k® is a registered trademark of Trojan Battery Company​.

Enhance Facility Image

  • Optimal water recovery eliminates streaks and maximizes soil removal to ensure clean floors so facilities always look their best.

  • Clear sight lines increase scrubbing effectiveness by enabling operators to focus solely on their cleaning environment.

  • Dual vacs improve cleaning performance by increasing vacuum lift by up to 30 percent to pick-up tough, bulky soils.

  • Power wand improves cleaning performance compared to manually cleaning areas the scrubber can't go.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Hassle-free squeegee system simplifies maintenance with a squeegee that never needs adjustment.

  • Durable composite frame, aluminum scrub deck and rust-proof polyethylene body and tanks reduce maintenance costs.

  • Optional sealed battery eliminates daily battery maintenance and helps decrease the risk of operator damage.

  • Convenient debris tray prevents clogs in the drainage system, reducing downtime and service calls.

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