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How to Choose a Robotic Cleaning Machine Vendor

September 14, 2020 8:00 AM by Tennant Company

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4 categories when considering a robotics vendor

These categories are important to consider when selecting a robotic cleaning machines vendor.


All robotic cleaning machines are not created equally. There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a robotic cleaning manufacturer to supply your new robotic floor scrubbers.

There are four important categories to consider when selecting a robotics vendor:

  • The Machine
  • The Software
  • The People
  • The Process


The Machine: Robotic offerings vary widely in their appearance, and more importantly, what’s inside. Here are things to look for in robotic cleaning machines:

  • Proven AMR experience at scale: Does the manufacturer have demonstrated experience in building and deploying robotic floor cleaning equipment?
  • Proven Floor Cleaning Hardware: Cleaning equipment needs to clean consistently and stand up to daily, rigorous use. A robotics vendor should have proven usability, durability and performance.
  • Familiar Machines: Robotic equipment that is based on manually operated cleaning machines help ensure operators can easily operate and train the robot.
Robotic cleaning machines software and equipment.

The software used in a robotic cleaning machine manufacturer’s equipment should be easy to use and ensure safe operation.

The Software: While the machine does the actual cleaning, the AI-driven software enables the machine to clean autonomously.

  • Safety Through Experience: The safety of staff and visitors is of utmost importance, which means you need to have confidence in the safety of cleaning robots. When choosing a vendor, be sure to ask about their software platform and safety precautions.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Robotic cleaning machines still need to be programmed manually and need an operator to select routes or troubleshoot. Be sure to choose an interface that is intuitive and easy to use for your cleaning machine operators.
  • Proof of Coverage and Operational Metrics: Any AMR software platform should be able to deliver robust performance data and reporting capabilities, such as heat maps, cleaning coverage and machine utilization.
  • Integrated Approach: Proven cleaning equipment + robotics software experience provides an integrated approach to your robotics implementation.


Robotic cleaning machines software and equipment.

Best-in-class manufacturers will not only work with your employees to implement robotic cleaning machines, but will also have a dedicated support team for long-term success.

The People: Employees will always be a part of a robotic cleaning program, and you don’t have to go it alone when you choose the right vendor.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Team: Supporting a large robotics deployment requires resources. Best-in-class partners have a wide net of support to help you not only implement robotics, but continually optimize your robotic cleaning program.
  • Consultative Approach: Excellent service is proactive and predictive, driven by experience and expertise. Partners that help you customize and optimize your robotic cleaning program to align with your specific business goals.

The Process: Transitioning to robotic cleaning machines can be a big change in your organization and may require change management to help employees realize the benefits.

  • Proven Process: Leading vendors have developed processes around deployment and program optimization to set you up for success and measurable ROI.
  • Ongoing Program Optimization: A successful robotic cleaning program requires more support than simply delivering the machine and setting it up. To ensure a successful program, ongoing support is necessary to make sure your robotic cleaning machines are being used as efficiently as possible long term.

Of course there are additional factors to consider when looking for a robotic cleaning machine partner depending on your particular business needs. There is no one size fits all robotic solution, and these considerations can help you determine which manufacturer best suits your needs.

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Usage reporting and proof of coverage metrics are a few of the reports you can receive and use to optimize your cleaning program. 


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