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How to Create a Great First Impression for Customers

November 06, 2017 8:35 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Challenges

Cleaning Your Retail Store Floors

Creating a great first impression for your store is vital. A great floor care plan plays an important role, but is also one of the biggest challenges for retail facilities. The wind blows in debris, customers track in dirt, spills must be mopped, and everyday scuffs and dings must be buffed and polished away.  

Remember: 97% of customers consider cleanliness an important or very important aspect of where they choose to shop.

Learn how to create a great first impression for your retail store, and:

  • What types of retail floor care programs are available
  • How to choose the right floor care program for your facility
  • Tips for ensuring your retail cleaning program is a success

By integrating these strategies and choosing the best retail floor care plan for your business, you can increase efficiency, save money, and create a welcoming, healthy environment for your customers and staff.

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