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Six Tips for Maintaining Floor Coatings

December 07, 2017 8:19 AM by Tennant Company

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Protect Your Investment

A coated floor looks great and helps ensure that your facility’s floors are shining, durable, and ready for traffic. Here are six helpful tips to keep your floor coatings in top shape, even with heavy daily use.
  1. Sweep floors daily with mechanized sweeping equipment or with a broom. Scrub floors as needed with proper brushes and detergent, or using a mechanized scrubber.

  2. Clean all chemical spills immediately, using proper methods and appropriate personal protective equipment.

  3. Place and maintain walk-off mats at entrances to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the facility.

  4. Protect floors with proper mats before sliding heavy machinery, pallets, or materials across the floor. Use pallet jacks and carts to minimize damage.

  5. Talk to your floor coatings specialist to make sure you know and use the right brushes and squeegees for your floor coating type.

  6. Use only the cleaning chemicals recommended for your environment and flooring type.

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