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The Journey of Continuous Improvement

February 15, 2018 8:39 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Innovation & Technology

People, Processes, and Tools

As business owners, we strive to continuously improve processes, offer training opportunities for employees, and learn best practices. Part of this equation is participating in groups or associations to learn from other companies.

Recently, Tennant’s Director of New Development, Stephanie Westphal, attended the Savvy Consortium Conference and presented on the Journey of Continuous Improvement. The Savvy Consortium is a community of Product Development Engineering Managers who give and take their learnings from each other’s experiences.

During the presentation, Stephanie covered Tennant’s continuous improvement journey over the past several years and shared the actions that moved the needle in terms of people, processes and tools. Examples include providing training opportunities, setting new expectations, instilling best practices, strengthening processes and investing in tools.

How does this impact a cleaning professional or business owner?

Going back to basics in terms of people, process and tools helps build a strong foundation for your business. Trained employees, clearly outlined best practices, efficient processes and the right tools means your cleaning operation can run smoothly, which can have benefits ranging from engaged and happy employees to increased profits.

For additional ideas for continuous business improvement, check out this article that outlines 11 tools and techniques.

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