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Get Your Facilities Ready for Spring

February 26, 2018 8:35 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Best Practices Outdoor Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

As February comes to a close, our minds begin to turn to spring. However, before we can enjoy the longer days and warmer weather that comes with the changing season, there is one thing that needs to be done – SPRING CLEANING!

Below are six tips to help get your facilities ready for spring. 

  1. Start on the outside - Inspect roofs and façades for snow, ice or water damage, identifying any places where water can enter. These areas need to be repaired quickly to reduce the potential for serious damage and expense.

  2. Make it brighter - Winter weather allows dust to accumulate inside, potentially dulling your environment. Remove dirt, dust and salt residue from all indoor areas including windows, doors and floors. Consider a deep cleaning if you’ve had a harsh winter.

  3. Perform and clean sweep - Collect remnants of fall and winter from streets, sidewalks, parking lots and high-traffic pedestrian areas.

  4. Don't let it go down the drain - Clean trash from storm drains to reduce contaminants in stormwater runoff and comply with regulations.

  5. Watch your step - The freeze/thaw cycle can cause sidewalks to crack or slabs to heave, creating a potential for slips and falls. Repair cracks with silicone caulk or concrete crack filler before they become bigger to save you the expense of removing and replacing damaged sidewalk sections.

  6. Perform necessary maintenance -  Inspect your equipment and repair/replace any damaged items to ensure you’re ready for another season.

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